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Oil & Gas

Technological solutions for logistics, prevention, control and security of personnel and company assets

  • Travel Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Telemetry
  • Qtree

Urbetrack has established itself as a vital tool in the Oil & Gas industry, guaranteeing the safety of people and company assets.

It allows link technology devices like; smartphones, personal cards, GPS, sensors, cameras etc., Receiving and categorizing information according to user-defined parameters to present it instantly accurate and safe.

Our value proposition: certification of operations, security, control, optimization, savings and improvement in decision-making


Our solutions maximize the efficient use of CAPEX and OPEX, optimizing the integral management of the companies' fleet, assets and personnel.

Proven decrease in vehicle accident rate
between 65% and 75%, achieving results in the responsible use of mobile phones, reducing costs associated with accidents.

Substantial savings proven thanks to service control
transport outsourced with the use of our technology or integrating
third party vehicle tracking systems.

Our control system for the sale and use of fuel in the operation promotes a fuel savings of 15% to 30%.

✓ Reduction in EXPENSES and LOST PROFIT for assets affected by the lack of maintenance and administrative control.

The traceability of the personnel on site allows to validate the invoicing of expenses of contracted third-party services, generating a Reduction in the operating cost of commissioned personnel of between 8% and 10% proven.