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Logistics and Transportation

Visibility, flexibility and control.
URBETRACK as TMS: the new competitive advantage.

  • Route Optimization
  • Monitoring and Certification of deliveries
  • Business visibility
  • Management Reports

URBETRACK's TMS system allows us to respond to the demands of globalization and technological innovation and the operation of international and national trade.

Likewise, meet the demands of customers having the same tool; the primary and secondary routing, the management of the own fleet and the outsourced one. All this is possible thanks to the fact that it takes into account the volume and load capacity of the truck, the traffic, the time windows of the clients, the number of addresses and vehicles.

URBETRACK collects and manages the information of the different logistics activities of the company through all kinds of sensors and makes it available. In this way, this information can be offered to suppliers, transport companies and customers themselves.


The TMS allows to focus on customer service, optimizing routes, maximizing the use of vehicles and reducing costs.

The costs associated with transport and logistics are reduced between 8% and 20%.

Better load consolidation: Using URBETRACK's TMS system to consolidate load achieves a level that is not possible with manual analysis.

Our control system for the dispensing and use of fuel in the operation promotes fuel savings of 15% to 30%

Increase in service levels: impact on the commercial area and for the distribution area that can improve the level of service for the customer for deliveries as promised. Real increase in sales as a direct result of good service.

Better control of the operation: Transport management is optimized, since it allows online collaboration, which makes it possible to develop transport planning in conjunction with logistics providers