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The complex days of construction companies on a single screen. Simple, organized, Automated.

  • Logistics Cycle
  • Work sensors
  • Management reports
  • Tickets and events console

Control everything! The time it takes to load the truck, travel, unload, and return to the plant. We transform data from customer management, driver's shift, batch software, ERP, CRM and GPS into information, obtaining the profile of the operation and assisting in decision-making.

Our application sends notification alerts to the Management and the driver to correct any deviation, enabling the driver to take the required action at the point where he is.

Their actions are recorded in our app and web platform, keeping all staff aligned to improve the performance of the operation day after day.


Forget conventional software and other high-cost solutions that do not improve performance. Urbetrack is the evolution of your business.

✓ Certification of the operation with the maximum degree of detail.

Our fuel dispensing and utilization control system promotes fuel savings of 15% to 30%. fuel savings of 15% to 30%.

✓ Reduction in EXPENSES and LOST PROFIT for assets affected by the lack of maintenance and administrative control.

Automation of the logistics cycle, event registration and details of

✓ Predictive arrival to the client so that it does not delay the reception of the vehicle or the unloading and does not endanger the material, acting as a backup system to certify the quality of the service.

Access to hundreds of exclusive reports for decision making and improvement in service.

Know the product availability in real time through the Order Scheduling