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Geo-technology and IoT Solutions for automation and optimization of processes, control and management of assets, security and savings
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Telemetry and Business Intelligence in the cloud. Easy, intuitive and Integrable with any pre-existing software
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More than fifteen years promoting the value chain of hundreds of companies, providing support, consulting and service. Being reference leaders in:

Technology solutions in cloud


This system allows you to view in real time the geopositioning and operating status of the linked vehicles and smartphones. Know its traceability, saving historical, precise and detailed information, alerting in case of deviations.

Access control

This system gives you the possibility of managing circulation permits according to profiles and knowing where all the company's personnel are located by identifying entrances / exits by areas. Also, register their relationship with the assets of the company. In interaction with the Operations System, you can determine if you are in transit outside the facilities and determine the estimated time of arrival.

Road safety

Par excellence, it is the most important system for risk management in defensive driving. Has a comprehensive record of driving behavior. It grants scores of all personnel who use company vehicles. Provides highly detailed reports of violations. It is a fundamental tool to correct driving habits.

Documentary control

Modules that provide automatic information and early alerts on due dates, cost centers, task schedules, etc. Substantial savings by avoiding defaults. Decentralization of responsibility: notices reach the operational sectors and headquarters for decision-making.

Fuel control

Thanks to this system, it is possible to detect inconsistencies in consumption, thus avoiding incurring claims. Urbetrack has direct integration with fuel card service providers such as YPF EN RUTA, EDENRED and a strategic alliance with VISA FLOTA. It also offers dispatch control in plant through RFID technology.

Travel management

It is a mobile app integrated into the Urbetrack system that allows you to do a risk analysis by score depending on the vehicle, evaluating; the documentary status of the same, the driver, his scoring, his rest hours based on previous trips made, the type of trip to be made and number of travel hours. At the same time, it provides predictive arrival information, informing the current status of the trips in progress and contemplating the safety of the personnel and the compromised patrimony.

Preventive Maintenance

A fundamental part of successful operations is having assets in perfect working order and performance. For this, it is essential to systematize maintenance tasks in a precise, agile and orderly manner. Our modules optimize this area since they work with reliable information obtained by the hardware and installed technology in direct relation to the parameters established by the user.


Access to hundreds of reports, statistics, graphs and exclusive reports instantly for further analysis. Usable to impact internal presentations, audits or as a control panel. Ideal for making decisions based on relevant and secure information.

You are in control!

With our URBETRACK platform you can comprehensively manage your fleet of vehicles, machinery and personnel to optimize processes, reduce costs and time.

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